Monday, January 31, 2011

New (to me!) recipe: Black bean brownies

Ok. These sound pretty weird, but healthy, protein filled brownies??? Sounds like they're worth a try...

I generally don't like busting out the food processor (unless it's to make baby food) but I think that this recipe will be worth the searching around the cupboard I'll need to do to find it. And... Judy and Brian are bringing dinner over and playing Hearts with us (I've been practicing!) on Thursday so I think that'll be the perfect occasion to try these out:

Black Bean Brownies

Here's the link (in case you don't read our blog with a magnifying glass.)

**Tomorrow I'll post my new goals for February... Woah. Is it really already FEBRUARY?!?!?!

***MAKE THESE! They're good! And, this recipe makes a ton. I have some ready for dessert tonight and a dozen in the freezer as a just-in-case-people-stop-by treat. Thanks Vanessa for helping me with them. :)

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