Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1-month-old Penny

I could not get her to open her eyes for these pictures. Sorry.

Penny at one-month is quite the little lady. She is still a bit sleepy, though starting to wake up more. She is a bit dramatic; goes from sweet, cuddly, sleepy little nugget to crying, screaming, angry baby in a split second. She eats well (see her double chin?!), is starting to organize her sleep (60% of naps throughout the day go well, wakes up twice at night to feed), and may even b e smiling a bit here and there. Oh, and her brother LOVES her. :)

Here are some pictures that are from a couple of days before she was a month-old...


garnet said...

oh kathyy. she's a lovely dumpling hehe. and she looks healthy healthy.

rosie said...

kathy, she is SO adooorable! love her! :)