Tuesday, August 04, 2009

14 months!

Today Jonas is 14 months old.

As a 14-month-old, Jonas is bigger, faster, trickier, smarter, stubborn-er, and funnier.

He loves to play the guitar with Daddy.

His hair is longer and despite my best efforts, is always in his eyes. (I just can't bear to cut it yet!)

He says more words, including one very clear sentence: "Bah go!" which means "Ball go!" Very impressive indeed...

He's willing to try new foods, including spicy curries and Korean food, but is no longer very interested in drinking milk. (Thank God for cheese and yogurt!)

He really likes the computer, though he's not supposed to be touching it. (More than a few times, I've come into the bedroom to see Jonas on his toes, typing the / and . and , keys on the keyboard repeatedly...)

He dances.

He complains.

He's almost figured out Legos.

He likes the bus.

He is wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

He is wonderful! jo jo