Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're here.

So much in the past month... 

A quick update:
-We LOVE our new apartment in San Francisco! Apartment-in-progress tour coming soon...
-I got a job! Praise the Lord! I'll be working four hours a day (half-time = half salary = yes~!) at a school in San Mateo as a reading specialist. :)
-Jonas really likes blueberries (seen eating the freeze-dried kind above). So much so, that if we encounter things that he doesn't want to eat, I can stick blueberries on the spoon and trick him to eat pretty much anything.
-It's July and today the high in San Francisco will be 61 degrees. 
-Adjusting to life in the city... still trying to find the best places for groceries (especially looking for a place to buy grains in bulk and a good Korean market) but so far have found an awesome pizza place nearby, a good Chinese place for lunch specials that's one block from us, and a cozy little cafe (down the street!) for free internet, good coffee and some time away. 

Updates with pictures of our new place and of Bonus Jonas coming soon (just for you JoJo!)

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Anonymous said...

Aww, you guys are so sweet...and yes, I have been checking almost daily : ) SO, it sounds like San Fran has been good to you already! Wonderful! I love to hear about how God has been providing for you all, and how Jonas is tricked into eating food he doesn't like! haha... love you guys! Jo