Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our new apartment (Part 1)

So here's a bit of our new apartment. In the video, you'll first see our kitchen (still needing curtains and things on the walls), then our bedroom, then our toy-cluttered living/dining room (also still needing things on the walls, especially over our dining table.) Fun things about our house to note: we have lots of windows, our kitchen has a breakfast nook area, our bedroom walls are lovely in gray and we were able to fit a study/work area for Jeff and a sewing table for me, and our mid-century dining table and chairs were a lucky find from a junk store in Ventura (table + 6 chairs for $60!)

Up next: Jonas's room, bathroom and fun little corners of our home...


Bethany said...

What a wonderful space! I love all the white and sunlight. And the dining set is gorgeous!

Nick said...

The apartment is looking sooo cute! I love the new touches, it is really coming along very nicely.
I miss you guys (I'm having major Jonas withdrawls)
Love you very much,

Nick said...

Hopefully you figured out it's not Nick it is me (I can't figure out how to post as me and not Nick)

Lulu said...

The breakfast nook is SO cute! And the gray walls are divine... *sigh*