Monday, June 08, 2009

Jonas's Dol Party!

Follow the red balloons!

We celebrated Jonas's first birthday last Saturday in semi-traditional Korean fashion. Jonas has so much fun being a one year-old, and he even enjoyed his Korean outfit. We ate, we played, we sang, we saw old and new friends... and we realized how blessed we are that God has given us family and friends who care for our little boy so much!

(As the evening went on, things got sillier...)

Now we're off to San Francisco, to visit the city we'll be living in come August! Woohoo! :)


Lulu said...

Yayyy happy birthday Jonas!!! :)

Hmmm I don't know, you might be on to something with your hipster/high-waisted satin pants outfit....

Jane said...

once again... He looks sooo cute! The last picture with the sunglasses will definitely have to be on a slideshow during his wedding. =)