Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sorry Jane from IBC!

(Actually, I was just updating our blog when I got your email.) :)

Easter was more than a week ago! It's crazy how time really flies so so quickly, especially at this time of year, with Jonas doing all sorts of things (walking!) and Jeff finishing up his last semester of seminary and taking trips to Maryland and me, trying to catch up. Jeff preached at our church this past Sunday, which made last week even intenser. (If you want to listen to his sermon on Judges 21, go here. It's not up yet, but will be there soon, we hope.)

Anyway, on to the pictures! Jonas's first Easter was a busy one. It began on Saturday night with dying (dyeing? cause they weren't deceasing...) eggs with the Lauterbachs. I really like that one of the eggs looked like a pimp, even though the person who made it didn't mean for it to! (Flava-flav!!!!)

Then, we made the drive to West Covina to have a late lunch with the family. Here's Jonas in the car in his Easter outfit. He's always very tired after playing with the other babies and missing his nap at church.

He did surprisingly well, despite being so tired. We ate and talked and played. Jonas took off the formal duds and played with his cousin Mason in their matching soccer jerseys from Grandma...
He also got to ride in Carson's swing. He liked it!

And then, we "hunted" for eggs. Jonas "found" 3 eggs! (Thanks Grammy for your help!!!) I'm sure that next year he'll be more interested in the goodies inside the eggs, though Jeff and I didn't mind eating his Easter candy for him.

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