Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big, but not so big...

Today we went to see the doctor for Jonas's 9-month well visit. Yes, he is nearly 10 months now, but Dr. Martinez is a popular guy and we couldn't schedule anything closer to Jonas's actual 9-month birthday.

Anyway, Jonas is big! But then again, not so big. He is about 31" long which puts  him in the 95th percentile for height. However, he is now close to the 50th percentile for weight at about 22 lbs. It seems that all that moving and shaking he's doing is burning lots of calories.

But what I think they should measure are his hand and feet sizes. Cause I'm pretty sure that his hands and feet are huge, like 105th percentile huge! (Not that I'm surprised-- he gets that from his dad...) Look at his hand on my knee:

Doesn't his hand look really really large? (Oh, and he didn't actually make that hole in my jeans. He likes to tickle my knee.)

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