Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a bad blogger.

After moving and settling in and dealing with a malfunctioning car and illnesses, blogging seems to have taken a backseat-- sorry! We are now settled in, the car is fixed (well, at least one of them), and Jonas and Jeff are almost all better, so I hope that we'll be able to update all of our silent, non-commenting readers more frequently. :)

On to the pictures! Jonas is growing like crazy! I swear, he looks and feels bigger each morning I get him from his crib. Here are some of our recent favorites...

When Jeff saw this picture of Jonas, he said "He looks really Korean." I couldn't tell by his tone whether he thought this was a good thing:

So the new thing that Jonas has been doing is standing by himself. He'll be holding on to something, and then just start standing on his own and clap his hands or focus on whatever he's holding in his hands at the time. He can stand on his own for more than a minute now, and we think he's been thinking about moving his legs too. He gets that I'm-sick-of-crawling-and-I-want-to-walk-really-fast-now look in his eyes:

And then there's this. Because the Lauterbachs' home is filled with nice, non-baby-proof things, Jonas often plays in our bedroom. His favorite place has been under our computer table. (And he likes it a lot until he tries to get out and realizes that his head will keep banging the table if he doesn't crawl out instead of trying to "cruise" out.)

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