Thursday, February 05, 2009

Happy .6666.... of a year Jonas!

So I had a post all ready to go a few days ago and now it's nowhere to be found. Oh well.

My lost post just gave an update on our move, on our new home, and on the other new things going on with the Lockes. Here it is in list form:
  • We love living with the Lauterbachs! (I'm going to get so spoiled living here-- not having to walk outside or pay for laundry, a dishwasher that works, an oven with a timer [you can actually tell the oven what time to start cooking! Crazy!!!], lots of space for Jonas to play and roam, a backyard!!!)
  • Jeff is still in the midst of heavy-duty studying and paper-writing. He'll be done tomorrow! Yay!!!
  • After much deliberation and prayer, Jeff and I decided it would be best if I didn't work this semester. So next Wednesday is my last day as an adult ESL teacher!
  • I'm reading and it's fun! I just finished "The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing" and it was so good and beautiful and sad and haunting. I love books for teens. Next on my list: "The Children's Hospital" by Chris Adrian.
  • Jonas turned 8 months old yesterday! Hooray for our big boy! And in the last month he has many new tricks and talents (pulling himself up, cruising, standing on his own while holding a toy for up to 12 seconds, saying "mamamama" when he's hungry and "dadada" when he sees Jeff, eating lots of finger foods and preferring "real" food), but the most interesting thing (to me) has been how he has been responding to being told "no". And since moving to the Lauterbachs' nice home, he's been hearing "that's a no" quite a bit more than before...
Here, Jonas has spotted something that looks appetizing...

Zavi's food bowl!

He makes his way over, inspects....

And after being told that it's a no by his mommy, decides to go find something else to do, instead of receiving a flick on the fingers!

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