Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our East Coast Adventures!

On New Year's Eve, Jeff, Jonas and I took a 5+hour flight to NY. Though I was stressed about Jonas's first cross-country flight, it turned out to be pretty easy. Jonas hung out on our laps and slept most of the way there, and was even better on our way back from DC. :)

We spent a couple of nights in Brooklyn, at Claudio and Lulu's, and pretty much just hung out. It was very relaxing and just what we needed after a rather hectic holiday season. We didn't even go into the city (except to get on the train to go to DC) and only took the subway once! We got to relive our former Park Slope days and spent most of our time catching up with Claudio and Lulu (and Tic'tic!) and the Gillens and got to see most of our NY friends. (Sorry-- we don't have many  pictures from the NY part of our trip because it was THAT relaxing.)

Then, we took the Amtrak to DC where we met up with some of Jeff's William and Mary friends for lunch before heading off to see Karen and Dave. Here's Jonas on the train:

It seems that our little boy loves all forms of transportation!

The rest of our weekend was filled with hanging out with Karen and Dave, seeing some of the sights of DC, visiting Capitol Hill Baptist, and walking. (Sorry Karen for all the walking!) Jonas seemed to enjoy his time in DC. He helped Jeff pick out what we should see at the National Gallery of Art...

...and slept peacefully in the Baby Bjorn at the Natural History Museum.

The Lockes in DC!

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