Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is Jonas really already 7 months old???

It appears that as of Sunday, he is. :)

As a 7-month-old, he has taken his first cross-country trip (visiting Brooklyn and Washington DC with a baby was a whole new experience for us!), is crawling and pulling himself up on everything (including the floor-- picture Jonas in the "downward dog" yoga position), says "dada", "baba", and, my favorite, "mama" (though it seems that he is still saying these things indiscriminately), and eats anything that we give him (which included pizza crust and french fries this past weekend!)

We're so happy that he got to meet our dear friends in NY (thanks Claudio and Lulu for letting us stay with you and thanks Tim and Claire for stuffing us with pork!) and that we got to hang out with Dave and Karen in DC. Though he won't remember it, he can officially say that he spent his first New Year's Eve in New York!

There will be pictures of our trip coming soon, but until then, here's a picture of what Jonas looked like for most of the trip (stolen from Lulu's blog-- thanks!):


Lulu said...

We definitely miss you guys already!!! I'm glad you had a great (and cold) time here in NYC and just wished you could've stayed longer! And Jonas, you're TOO stinkin' cute! :)

Jane said...

awwwww!!!!! sooooooooooo adorable!!!!