Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I know, I know...'s been way too long since we last posted. It's a travesty. Our e-stalkers have been left with nothing to do for the past two weeks (yes, we know you're out there, and we love you).

Suffice it to say that we have been busier than we've been in a long time. In the past week we moved out of our apartment, I had finals, I have three papers, we moved in with Mark and Rondi Lauterbach (our pastor and his wife) for the rest of the semester, we stored all our stuff at Kathy's Dad's place, Kathy and I have both been working at night, I've been applying for jobs in San Francisco, and Jonas is plenty of work all by himself.

So yeah, we've been busy.

Thankfully, it looks like life will begin to settle down soon. Once my January term for school finishes next week and the new semester begins, life will return to a normal pace.

Right before we left our apartment, we had no furniture except a table, a bed, and various toys for Jonas to play with. For your viewing pleasure, here is our son playing in our almost empty apartment.

(Here's Jonas, free to roam...)

(...and play with noisy toys while Mommy and Daddy do other things...)

(...and then sometimes Mommy and Daddy just watch Jonas play...)

(...and take pictures of him because we like him way too much and need to have another baby soon so our firstborn doesn't get so spoiled! At least, that's what we keep telling ourselves.)

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