Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It seems that January 2009 will be a busy month for the Lockes:

-We found someone to take over our lease on our apartment, which means that we will be moving in to the Lauterbachs at the end of the month!
-This means that we need to pack up and store EVERYTHING that we won't need in the next few month. (Basically, we'll be taking Jonas's crib, our clothes and ourselves to the Lauterbachs.)
-Jeff's in the middle of the intense winter "quarter"-- classes Tuesday through Saturday all day, for the next couple of weeks.
-Jeff has also taken up SAT tutoring again, most of which (sadly) takes place on the weekends.

In the midst of all the busyness, we're definitely excited for the upcoming changes and are looking forward to the last couple of months we have in Escondido.

PS. Jonas is starting to eat real food. Here he is enjoying a mini whole-wheat bagel!


grace blum said...

hey kathy.

where are you guys going?

Kathy Locke said...

Hi Grace!
Right now we're moving to our pastor's house which is still in Escondido. But in June, we'll be moving to San Francisco! Are you guys permanent CT residents? Any thoughts about moving to sunny CA??? :)

grace blum said...

hey kathy!
i don't know if we'd call ourselves "permanent CT residents" but we did buy a home here... so we'll be here for a little while.
i'd love to be in CA... who knows? maybe someday...
keep the pics of little jonas coming... he is ridiculously cute.