Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our son is 6 months old.

Yes, he is. 

Jeff and I can hardly believe how fast he's growing and learning and changing. As a 6-month-old, he eats 3 square "meals" a day, sits up very well all by himself, sleeps 11 hours a night, takes two solid naps a day, has mastered the crawling position (but still needs to figure out how to actually move!) and plays with blocks, rattles, softies, and anything else he can grab with his chubby hands. He also loves to play with Mommy and Daddy, and even lets Mommy put his pirate hat on him each morning. 

As Jeff and I eat breakfast together and watch Jonas play (he eats breakfast before us), we marvel at how good God is and all the blessing bestowed upon our little family, and how darn cute our son is (objectively speaking of course.) And then we wonder when we can start having some more...

He still has big cheeks and long eyelashes...

Here he's giving us the stink-eye. :)

And sometimes, he really is just darn cute.


Bethany said...

Happy birthday, Jonas!!!!

It's not just you and Jeff. Jonas is objectively cute!! His little hat makes me crack up!

Rebekah said...

Lol, well you can start having more whenever you want! =) (But I WILL say that these cute little boys of ours become a lot more work when they figure out aforementioned crawling. And don't even get me started on what happens when they start walking! Or RUNNING.) They're totally worth it, though. Totally.