Monday, December 15, 2008

Our son (and other things) keeps us busy!

December is halfway done! EEEK!

This year, like last year and probably for many years to come, Jeff and I could not agree on what to do about our Christmas tree. Jeff is a fan of the fake plastic kind while I prefer the real kind (though I wouldn't be opposed to a fake tree that was all silver and blatantly fake, rather than the kind that pretends to be real.) Anyway, here was our compromise:

A homemade, paper chain tree! 

I actually had a lot of fun "making" the tree and it works well with our smallish space and my feeble attempt at being "green" this year for Christmas.  I used leftover Christmas card paper and also paper I found from my many years of teaching elementary school (teaching first-third grade = lots of construction paper!) I think we may make a tradition out of it-- making our own Christmas tree each year!  Oh, and in trying to be green, instead of buying wrapping paper (yup, I haven't bought/used any wrapping paper for gifts so far!), I decided to dip into my fabric stash and make gift bags! Not only are they festive and cute, they can be reused by gift recipients for lunches, to hold shoes, and lots of other things that don't seem to be coming to mind right now...

And speaking of traditions... Here's an attempt to create some of our own family heirlooms. I was inspired by an embroidery piece made by someone much craftier than I and wanted to make our very own. The blue is Jeff, red me and green Jonas. It's a sweet way to remember our first and quite HANDmade Christmas :) together as a family!

And this is what happens when I ask Jeff to get Jonas ready for us to go out somewhere: 

(If you can't tell, like Jeff couldn't tell, his hat is on backwards!)

PS. It has begun. Jonas has started to crawl! Videos coming soon...


Bethany said...

Great idea for a Christmas tree!

I absolutely love the family-hand-portrait. Beautiful and so sweet!

Kathy Locke said...

Thanks Bethany! :)

Jane said...'re "ahhhhhmazing"!!!!