Friday, December 05, 2008

Our son will read old books someday

Obviously you read blogs (at least you’re reading ours!). So do I. One of the wonders of the web is the fact that I can publish anything I want for all the world to see whenever I want to. I can tell you about my lunch (Mexican food), what my son did today (nothing too exciting, but he sure is cute), or the latest place I found hair growing on my ever-decaying body.

My favorite blogs to read are when average Joes like me tell others where to find things that are worth seeing/reading. This is one of the big ways I find new content. But one of my most favorite things about the internet is all the old content you can find online.

Internet Archive and Google Books are two of my favorite services. The Archive has just about every kind of media you could want, which Google Books has... books. Another is CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library). There are thousands of great books you can read there for free. I probably use this one more than any other.

In school I’ve learned all sorts of things about all sorts of dead Christians whose books we should all be reading. I’ve learned even more about dead Christians whose books very few of us should bother with (and I’m ok with that. I don’t mind having 18th century Dutch theologian Herman Witsius all to myself).

One big blessing of the internet is that we all now have access to so many of these works whenever we want them. I got on a Martin Luther kick in this most recent season of paper writing. If you’d like to see all the works of Luther I’ve stored up, you can check out my own personal library on Google.

Old books aren’t as exciting for some as they are me, but I think it is an incredible thing to find ourselves in this unique place in history where we have at our fingertips the reflection and meditation and devotion of so very many older, wiser brothers and sisters. We could all benefit from their understanding of God and his Word. Come on! Let’s all go read some Luther!

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