Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Five-Months-Old Jonas!

As I got this post ready, I realized that we didn't post on Jonas's four-month-birthday last month! I think I was waiting to post his four-month-old stats from his dr. visit and then it must have just slipped my mind... 

So this post will celebrate our little boy turning not only 5 months, but also a belated 4 months!

At his 4-month well visit, we found out that he weighed 17 lbs., 4 oz., was 26.5 in. long, and practically perfect in every way (just kidding-- that's Mary Poppins of course!) It's amazing how much he's changed and grown since then! 

Though we don't know the numbers now, we do know that he looks huge whenever I hold him-- he's seriously half my size at this point! He is now eating cereal three times a day and just this week we're starting him on vegetables (which means orange stuff everywhere!) 

And sleep! Starting at 20 weeks, Jonas became an 11-hour sleeper at night! Hurrah! The time change has thrown us for a loop (we're trying to figure out how to get him to wake up later cause 5:30am makes for grumpy parents), but he's been quite consistent with his night sleep. He is taking three naps during the day and when we've got his wake time where we want it, that'll be adjusted to two naps (hopefully!) He has learned to roll over, which we're hoping doesn't continue to wake him from his naps... Also, I really want him to sleep 12 hours at night, but I probably shouldn't push it, right??? (Not yet, at least!) :)

He's also SO MUCH FUN. He laughs. He likes to be startled. He "talks." He plays peek-a-boo. Seriously. So so fun. Here's a picture of his newest funny face:

As Rachel Zoe would say, I die. (Hahaha... Jeff's going to be so embarrassed that I put that on our blog!)

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Lulu said...

Oooh I hope Tic'Tic sleeps for 11 straight hours at night too! :) Can't wait to see you guys at the end of the year!!