Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Growing = New socks and new friends!

So it's been getting a bit chilly out here in Escondido (not really though-- 72 degrees???) and Jonas has been needing socks when he's at home. Seeing this last week made me realize that it's time for Jonas to get some new socks...

See?! This foot profile angle shows just how small these socks (for 3-6 month olds, or so they say...) are. The grey heel part of the sock is in the middle of his foot! 

Speaking of socks, yesterday we went up to Fullerton to visit my old  friends/ Jonas's new friends! Here are Jonas and Adam (Sylvia's little 9-month-old), both satisfying their oral fixations-- Jonas with his rattle and Adam with his thumb. Notice how Jonas is almost just as big as Adam who's four months older than him. No wonder his socks are too small!

Jane, a friend from the old church youth group days, made us a delicious lunch and let us hang out at her place. Here was the only picture I could get of all three boys. Jane's son (Dylan-- 20 months) looks like a man next to the babies.  They're all so cute!

The highlight of the afternoon was definitely when Adam decided to see what Jonas tasted like and licked his forehead. Our funny boy actually seemed to like it. :)

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Rebekah said...

Lol, Sir Jonas IS a big boy, isn't he? Love him. Happy sock shopping! ;)