Monday, November 17, 2008

Baking crisis solved.

So this morning I noticed that I had two very ripe bananas in our fruit bowl and decided to make banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I had everything I needed-- except paper liners for my muffin tins (I wanted to make mini-muffin size cupcakes because mini-things are so cute and seem to taste better.)

Because I really wanted to use the bananas and I had already set my mind on getting to eat banana cupcakes today, I decided just to grease the pan really well and go for it. 

Well, turns out that greasing my mini-muffin pan well is not greasing it enough.

Alas, what I ended up with was lots of cupcake tops (I hate the term "muffin top" --darn all those low-rise jeans...) and cupcakes bottoms stuck in my pan. This turned out to be awesome because look at what resulted!

It's a cupcake top sandwich!!! SO good... Two banana cupcake tops with chocolate frosting in between. Next time, I might slice off the tops of all of my cupcakes and just make these. :)

(Here's a random photo: Isn't it weird that only a couple of months ago I was taking the exact same kind of picture, but Jonas was INSIDE my stomach?! Crazy!)


Mrs. Miller said...

::chuckling:: The little muffin tops are so cute! Where's the chocolate frosting?!

Looks like Jonas wants to touch your camera...

Lulu said...

Aww you're SO right! Pretty soon (well, in a few more months anyway) I'll be able to take pics WITH Tic'Tic! :)

Did you use the recipe from Carolyn Mahaney? Mmmmmm it's soooo goood....