Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visiting the Bay Area

This weekend we took Jonas up to the Bay Area for the first time! We visited for Sorin's wedding (Congratulations Sorin and James!) and spent an extended weekend eating good food, seeing missed people, and praising God that we might be moving up to San Francisco next summer!

We left last Friday and took Jonas on his first plane trip! He did very well-- it helped that the trip was only 90 minutes. :) Here he is, all ready to go:

He fell asleep at the airport and stayed this way for most of the trip up. We were glad that he got this rest because the rest of the weekend was very busy and eventful.

Here he is with Jeff on the plane, right before take-off:

We spent Friday and Saturday getting better acquainted with the East Bay, specifically Oakland and Berkeley. I love Oakland and Berkeley. It was so good to be back. And just for Yoonjin and Janice, here's the play-by-play of what we ate: carne asada burritos from a taco truck in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, Sushi House in Alameda on Friday night, Cafe Fanny for breakfast on Saturday, Cheeseboard for lunch, La Farine for breakfast with Lynn on Sunday, Burmese food for dinner, and Tartine and Blue Bottle Coffee on Monday. The only place we didn't go to that was on my "list" was Zachary's Pizza. We'll have to go next time. :)

Jonas enjoyed watching us eat all this good food and occasionally, Jeff would offer him some too. Here's Jonas trying to take a bite from Jeff's slice of pizza topped with roasted corn, cilantro pesto, and feta and mozzarella cheese. Mmmmmm....

Another highlight of the trip was seeing the Momsens! Unfortunately for us (but good for them!) they went to Disneyland on Sunday so we only got to spend one evening with them. But we did get to enjoy their awesome house a bit on Monday morning, sitting out on the dock with Jonas and looking forward to the day we'd be in the Momsens' care group again!

I actually didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. Too busy having fun and eating.


Lulu said...

It's official. Jonas is waaay too cute!! ;) Glad to hear that you guys had such a fun weekend!!

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness, the food. The FOOOOD! I am so glad you guys had such a great time. What a lovely way to spend a weekend!