Monday, October 06, 2008

Hi Grandma!

This weekend we got to celebrate Grandma Roos' birthday with the family in sunny San Dimas! Jonas loves his great-grandma, and Jeff and I love Grandma too! :) It was fun to see everyone, including these two cuties:

This is Mason-- I was actually trying to take a picture of Carson Cate and just as I was about to snap it, he stepped in like any good big brother would do and blocked her out and said "Cheeeeeese!"

And here's little miss Carson. Like every fine lady, she (already!) has quite an affection for handbags and shoes (note her super adorable pink converse sneakers!). Here she has grabbed Aunt Nancy's pretty striped bag, which is actually too heavy for her to carry by the straps so she actually bends her knees and scoops it up from the bottom to carry it! She's so funny...

And of course, here's the last of the "babies"-- the former baby of the clan, no longer the youngest, but perhaps still just as cute, Nick aka BIG Nick aka Uncle Nini aka Jeff's baby brother. (Did you know that when Nick was little, he called Jeff "Ga-"? My hypothesis is that perhaps he was trying to call Jeff "God" but was unable to make that final /d/ sound...) I think he's staring at Katie, his girlfriend, and trying, quite unsuccessfully, to make her uncomfortable while she is talking to someone else.

Also, Jonas turned 4 months this weekend! Now he's 1/3 of a year old! Here's a video that I found on the camera this morning that I find to be very amusing. It seems that Jonas can go from mad/frustrated to happy/cheerful in less than a second if Daddy is around...

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