Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crock Potty!

We had our first Crock Potty yesterday and boy, was it fun! :)

I made some BBQ pulled pork in my trusty slow cooker. I really love pork. I haven't really come across a pork dish I didn't like, and I especially love pork that's been pulled. Here's the pork, post-crock pot and pre-BBQ sauced. Though to some this may look gross and unappetizing, to me, it may be as beautiful a sight as the Grand Canyon.

In addition to eating slow cooked pig goodness, we also did some pumpkin carving. Here are the three pumpkins at the beginning of the night:

And here they are after we carved them. The one on the left, carved by Jmo and LA Joey, looks like an angry anime character. The one on the right is Jeremy and Jo's rendition of a half creepy man/ half Asian woman face. And ours is the one in the middle; you can't tell, but it's supposed to look like a winking, coquettish woman. Alas, lesson learned: it's way difficult to carve pumpkins without a good set of serrated knives.

Did I mention yet that the fun included drawing uni-brows, eating spoonfuls of mayonnaise, and making human pyramids?

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Rebekah said...

You guys are crazy! Unibrows? Human pyramids? Crazy, I tell you! ;)