Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What a weekend!

We were very busy visiting family this weekend. We're still recovering from all the driving and fun times so here are some pictures to recap:

Jonas had to spend lots of time in his car seat. He practiced sucking on his lower lip. (We think he might be teething already!)

First stop was Grandpa Locke's where Jonas got to spend some quality time with his great-grandpa.

We also went to church with the family on Sunday in Covina and afterwards had a nice brunch with everyone. Here's Jonas and Grandma and Grandpa watching Mason do something that is apparently very interesting to watch. :)

Then off to Grammy and Grandpa's in Ventura. Jonas gave big laughs and smiles to Grandpa...

...and played new games with Grammy...

...and dipped his toes into the Pacific Ocean for the very first time with Daddy!

We also hung out with Uncle Nini and Katie at APU where Jonas got his first taste of life as a college student. It was good times!

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