Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shopping for freeeeeeeee!

Yesterday was a fun day, despite the fact that the night before, Jeff had gotten food poisoning (damn you Del Taco!) and been up for much of the night puking and being sick. Poor Jeff. Even though he was not feeling well, he insisted that I not cancel/postpone the swap party last night. He's really swell-- he had to stay in our bedroom pretty much the whole night, which ended up being good for him cause he needed the rest.

Anyway, what the heck am I talking about? Last night, some ladies from church and I had our first "Swap, Don't Shop" party at our place and it was so much fun! Anything with yummy sangria, homemade apple pie and chocolate truffles, getting new/old clothes, and Joanne, Amanda, Kelly, and Carly is fun!

We each brought 3-5 items of clothing that we no longer wear but are still fashionable/cute/wearable. Here were the goods:

Then, amidst eating, chatting, and bonding, we went through the clothes and picked things that we liked to try on. We had planned to draw numbers and do things in an organized fashion but we just ended up trying on everything, making outfits and everyone ended up with at least two "new" things to add to their closets! See Kelly modeling a skirt from Carly below-- doesn't she look so cute?!:

Afterwards, some husbands joined us and we got to hang out some more! (Amanda is also wearing a top that she swapped!) Good times...

And here's a random picture of Jeff and Jonas from earlier in the day because we know that Grandma Roos and Grammy check the blog regularly. :)

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Rebekah said...

1) You are the coolest person EVER for having such a suh-WEET party.

2) Jeff should know better than to eat at Del Taco. Even Taco Bell is better than that! (In my junk-food opinion, that is.)

3) That picture of Jonas is SO CUTE. Smilin' at his mommy!