Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer days...

We feel so blessed to have this summer, with Jeff on vacation from school and me not working, with Jonas. It's amazing and wonderful to see him grow so much, so fast!

Here he is during breakfast. He likes to sit in his Bumbo seat and watch us while we eat and read the paper. 

After eating and reading the paper, Jeff and I take turns taking pictures with Jonas until he gets unhappy and is ready for his morning nap.

First with Mommy, he's almost unhappy...

...and by Daddy's turn, he's definitely ready for his nap. :)

In other summer news, Karen and Dave came to visit and let us stay with them at their timeshare in Oceanside this week. I had never been to a timeshare place before and it was really nice. Our suite had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, a nice sitting/living room and an ocean view from the balcony.

Here's Dave in the living room. (I think he's checking us out-- not like "checking us out" like we're hotties, but like out of the room.)

And here's Karen with Jonas. She actually got him to smile for the camera! 

Jeff starts school in  less than 3 weeks (boo! from Kathy and Jonas, yay! from Jeff the SuperNerd) and we'll be enjoying our last days of summer vacation with trips to LA to see family and friends, a visit from the Kurths, seeing the Momsens too, more breakfasts with Jonas, eating things that are slowcooked (yay! for my new crockpot!), going to the Broken Social Scene concert, and attending our first ever cyberpunk/retrofuturistic dinner party, courtesy of Jeremy and Joanne White. (I'm going to try to make a robot costume for the baby. That should be very interesting...)


Cécile said...

Jonas is so cute! That is incredible the way he is growing up so fast ! What a wonderfull familly you make, the 3 of you !


jane said...

Wow!!! when you're holding Jonas, he looks like you and when Karen's holding Jonas, he looks like Karen =) So cute!

Rebekah said...

Woo hoo! Hanging out with the Kurths and the Momsens! Sounds like fun to me. =) Caaaannnoooot wait to see you guys.