Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our son, the singer

Every night (unless Jeff is not home for some reason), Jonas and his daddy have music time. This is my favorite time of the day right now-- I look forward to hearing Jeff play his guitar and sing Jonas his favorite Pedro the Lion and Radiohead songs, as well as songs that he makes up just for our boy, like "Jonas is my favorite boy". But the best best best thing about this wonderful evening activity is that our son loves to participate and not only sings along with his daddy, but will gladly sing solo as Jeff plays on.

(You might want to turn up your volume for this one!)

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jane said...

Hi Kathy! yea!!! now I don't feel like a blog stalker. woo hoo. We should all have a baby playdate sometime when Sylvia comes down from Sac. Dylan is 17 mths and definitely making his presence known =) I can't wait to meet Jonas! He is just too darn cute! xoxo Jane 1 (to help clarify the "too many Jane Kims" issue) =)
BTW: Love your blog!