Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Wonderful Wife

I've been working a couple jobs this summer (one of which is done tomorrow!). This means that the only time I'm home when Jonas and Kathy are awake are when they first get up in the morning (and for anyone who knows me, you can imagine what a pleasant ray of sunshine I am at 6:30), and during a brief time around lunch.

Since I work in a restaurant at night, I don't have the chance to eat dinner (well, I have to pay for it at work, so I pretend I don't have the chance to eat dinner so I won't spend money) until I get home, which is after everyone is in bed. But, my lovely, wonderful, God-given spouse does an amazing job of taking care of me, giving me oases of love in the midst of a busy summer.

One night last week, Kathy made tacos and gave me a very precise and sweet guide to how to make them correctly. She knows I don't like making food for myself (which is why my single-life dinner-of-choice was a can of Campbell's Chunky Soup), and so she made the process enjoyable with a series of post-its in a very Kathy-like fashion. I love her very much.

(I wonder how many posts I will do here with the title "My Wonderful Wife." I'd like to come up with another adjective from time to time, but I think this one captures her perfectly, like a nine-letter portrait. She's swell.)

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