Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Where I work... (for now)

I'm officially 4 weeks from my due date of June 4th. Woohoo. 

Jeff and I are praying that the baby comes right on time (or late!) so that I can make it to the last day of school on May 29th. This is less about me wanting to work and be with my students (though there's a little of that in there somewhere...), and more about not having maternity leave and needing to save my personal and sick days for after the baby is born. 

So, I will be teaching at the Innovation Centre until the end of May (God willing) and working with third through eighth graders on reading and language arts. Even though it hasn't always been fun or easy, I've tried to make the most of my last few months and weeks of teaching (maybe for a very long time!) and do things with my kids, especially my third grade homeroom, that would be fun for me as well as the kids.

During testing, we read "The World's Gruesome Guide to Monsters" and made our own guide. I also taught them how to sew by hand and we made our very own stuffed monsters!

The one above is the one that I made. :)

Here's one of my student's monsters-- she's obsessed with animals (especially dogs and cats) so she pretty much chucked the whole monster idea and just made hers a really scary dog with lightning bolts.

Alyssa made a one-armed three-eyed monster...

And Eli's was my favorite: his monster is called Fangburger, and it lives in fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Wendy's. He said that any hamburger can become a Fangburger if it is not cooked the right way, and it will eat people up. (Needless to say, Eli comes from a family of very earth-conscious, animal-loving vegan/vegetarians... He's the kid in my class who lectures the other kids at lunch about why eating a turkey sandwich is cruel and evil.)

This week is also Teacher Appreciation Week. Each day, the kids have brought in things for the teachers. On Monday, I got flowers, on Tuesday, I got fruit (my peanut-allergic twins brought me the huge pomelos in the picture below), and today, I got giftcards! Not bad... even though the other teachers and I were commenting that we would feel most appreciated if all the kids stayed home one day and the teachers got to kick up our feet and go to the movies.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will be... The anticipation is killing me...

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