Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nesting: Part 3 (hopefully, the last...)

With Jeff working a new job (he's working as a server at a wine bar in San Marcos) that keeps him busy at nights, I've busied myself with the (hopefully!) last stages of getting the baby's room ready. I think that at this point, with the weather getting stinkin' hot (99 degrees yesterday!) and the ankles starting to swell, the room will stay as it below and we'll have to figure the rest out after the baby arrives!

The picture above is one corner of the room. We bought the bookshelf at Ikea (the only thing in the room that we had to buy that was over $50!) and I think it was totally worth it. The baby already has more books than can fit in his/her shelf! (The apple does not fall far from the tree...)

This is the wall next to the closet. We got the dresser that we're using for a changing table for $10 from craigslist. It didn't fit in my car, so we tied it on (it was sticking out of my trunk) and drove it home from Mira Mesa, freeways and all. And, it survived! Totally worth it.

And the baby's crib-- Jeff's mom had gotten us a really adorable crib bedding set (Thanks Mom!!!) to go with the crib, but after we starting decorating and all, we realized that it really didn't go with the all-the-colors-of-the-rainbow scheme I had concocted for the room. We kept things simple-- organic cream and yellow bedding stuff for baby. I sewed fabric pieces that go with the quilt I made for baby for the frames yesterday, but am not sure if I like them over the crib. Oh, and the cute bird fabric with frames on the side wall was totally Jeff's idea-- so so cute!

These are the pictures over the changing table/dresser. I have some of these in white frames on the bookshelf as well. They're from Maira Kalman's book, The Principles of Uncertainty, that I read during the earlier months of pregnancy. She's an amazing artist, and her pictures are funny and quirky and I thought they would be perfect in the baby's room.

Rosy says that my decorating style is "kitschy" but I think I just made the baby's room the kind of room I'd want to grow up in (even if baby's probably going to inhabit it only for a year or so.) I love color, and it was really fun to not stick to a theme and make a fun and funny space for the baby. 

Come visit us soon!!!

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Mrs. Miller said...

Kathy, you have great decorating instincts! The nursery is truly a wonderful place for a new baby!