Monday, May 05, 2008

I have the most wonderful friends!

On Saturday, my hot friends from college, Yoonjin, Janice and Rosie, came to visit me in Escondido. Even though I had just seen them the weekend before at the baby shower in L.A., they drove all the way down to me, just to spoil and pamper me and baby!

They took me to a spa in Downtown San Diego where I got a "pregnancy massage" (which I think was more or less a regular massage, but not as intense). Here they are putting money in the meter before we went into the pomegranate-scented spa. (Sorry-- I'm still not so good at pulling out my camera at the right times! It probably would have been better for me to take pictures at the massage place!)

Then, later, we ate at a really good sushi place in the Gaslamp District, and Jeff came and met us. This is just a funny picture.

And the spoiling continued! We went to Extraordinary Desserts after dinner where, yes, the desserts were quite extraordinary, and well worth the 45 minute wait. 

Amidst all the pampering and spoiling, I felt most blessed when I looked around in the car or around our tables at various restaurants and cafes and saw my dear sisters who, despite having known me as long as they have, through all of the craziness and weirdo times, love me and care for me so selflessly. God's grace is evident in each of our relationships and am amazed at how He has brought all to the places we are in individually and still  knit together through Christ and His love for us.

And now, they are all taken and not available for Jeff's seminary friends. :)

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