Monday, May 26, 2008

Hooray! It has finally happened...


I'm still pregnant.

The other thing has happened... Jeff and I have found some good food in Escondido. And not just good food, good Thai and Japanese food at that!


We've been getting take-out from this "Oriental" (yes, apparently, people still use that word) market/to-go restaurant called Chai Market. It's around the corner from us, in the most ghetto of ghetto strip malls, and the pad thai and green and red curries are good. Not just Escondido-good too-- like good-Thai-food-that-actually-tastes-like-Thai-food good!

And today, for dinner, we tried a sushi place (Sushi Nori) next to our Trader Joe's and it was awesome! It's owned by Koreans (which automatically gives it points) and the fish was fresh and delicious. They had good portions (it wasn't all rice and specks of fish unlike the other Escondido sushi places we've gone to) and the ahjooma (Korean lady) who waited on us was really nice and gave us free fried mango ice cream at the end of our meal! Score!

So, it seems that with a good Thai place and a really good sushi place, we could stick around Escondido for a while... We just need to find some good Korean food...

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