Sunday, April 06, 2008

She's crafty...

While Jeff should be studying, I should be working, especially because we've officially entered "testing season" at school and I need to get my 3rd through 8th graders ready for the various California State Tests in reading that they'll be taking in two weeks. But, alas, like my husband, instead of doing what I should be doing, I find ways to distract myself, like with making these:

I made these button pins yesterday after going to JoAnn's and finding that all of their buttons were 50% off! Score! They're super easy and were cheap to make, and I wore my two favorites to church today:

PS. Yes, in the bottom picture, I'm wearing two different shoes because I wasn't sure which pair I wanted to wear. (I went with the green-- one can never have too many colors in one outfit!)

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