Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nesting: Part 1

Jeff isn't the only one with the crafting bug. Yesterday I came home from work totally exhausted from a long day of teaching, with files full of papers to look over and lesson plans that needed to be created, and I decided that it was time to make the baby a quilt.

Voila! It's a floor quilt (like lay baby down on it when he/she needs to be on the floor), about 3 feet by 3 feet, that I made using scraps of cool fabric of many different patterns and colors. Hope it's not too overstimulating for baby...

For my first attempt at making a quilt, and for being without a pattern/instructions, I think it turned out ok. I used this fleece material for batting, and the back of the quilt is a heavier gray material. I'm going to wash it this weekend and we'll see what happens to it then!

Oh, and we've been picking up little things for baby's room here and there too! So much fun... I love funny little knick-knacks. Here is a little wooden crane and an elephant mug we got at our favorite antique shop in Escondido: 

And this weekend, we found this rocking chair at Goodwill for only $10! You can't really see it, but on the chair is a stuffy for baby-- handsewn by a child in Soweto, I picked it up at Anthropologie this weekend. It's pugly-- so ugly that it's really cute, and it's made of really cool patterned and batik fabrics:

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