Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crafty Husband!

Surprise surprise!

Jeff is crafty too!!!

Next week I'm starting a project with my third grade class-- we're going to make up monster creatures and make monster dolls. I was feeling nervous about the project last night (third graders are little and don't have the best hand-eye coordination), and Jeff graciously offered to be my guinea pig and let me teach him how to sew a monster. It was very helpful, and as you can see, very fun and exciting!

Here are some of the materials we used... Orange flannel, thread, scissors, needles, marker...

First, he made a template. He drew a monster on cardstock and cut it out to use as a template to cut his fabric with.

After we cut the fabric, then came the hard part. Jeff handstitched his monster, using the simple backstitch technique. This part took quite a while because Jeff was being really careful and made tiny stitches. 

In fact, it took so long, that after he had finished stitching it around (leaving an opening for us to stuff it with), it was my bedtime.

He finished it tonight after dinner. We stuffed it, sewed up the opening, put on blue buttons for eyes, green felt for mouth, and voila! Jeff has created our baby's first toy! 

I'm so proud of my husband! 

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Mrs. Miller said...

What a special "lovey" (my mom's name for such toys) for Little Locke!