Monday, March 17, 2008

The Ides of March continued...

Today was an interesting and fun day! Jeff and I got to go to work together. He was a sub for the math teacher today and taught in the classroom right next door to mine. It was so nice to drive to work together, to see him between classes, to eat lunch together, get a warm, encouraging hug before the dreaded afternoon, and to drive home together at the end of the day. I hope someday we'll work at the same school...

There are lots of funny little stories about the kiddos and how they responded to having Mr. Locke as a teacher today, but the best is from Josh in 5th grade. He's kind of quirky, but super lovable and sweet-- the kind of kid that loves to give hugs and says thank you to me at the end of each class, each day. Anyways, I was on my way to visit Jeff during lunch when I ran into Josh in the hallway. And Josh said to me, "Mrs. Locke, are you going to visit your love???" (It was totally sincere and nice, and not as creepy as it looks/sounds in written form.) And then, Jeff came out right after and Josh asked Jeff, "Mr. Locke, are you and Mrs. Locke going to go make-out now?" Hahaha, it was really funny. Oh, that Josh Wheeler.

This is a busy week. Jeff's on Spring Break, but seems to have tons to do, from tutoring to school work, to prepping for new jobs. I'm on Spring Break next week, which makes this a crazy week in school. My sixth graders are performing Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" on Wednesday. I'm excited-- I've never done anything like this with students before, and the kids are great and pumped to show their stuff. Hopefully I'll get pictures to post of the craziness.

Oh, and I can no longer see my toes when I stand up straight. I miss the view of my toes.

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