Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware The Ides of March!

Happy death of Caesar/my Dad's birthday everyone!

To celebrate Ides of March Eve, Kathy and I stayed home and rented a movie from iTunes (which is pretty cool, I must say). Because we are indecisive & snobby/picky, I decided we could only watch movies on a certain page. Kathy got to pick the letter of the alphabet ("S"), I got to pick which page of the S's (#2) and we had to pick one of the 15 movies listed there.

Unfortunately, 7 of those were the Star Trek movies.

We decided we'd pick what looked like the worst of the bunch that wasn't Star Trek (sorry Dad): Stanley and Iris.

It's a romantic drama in which factory worker and widow Jane Fonda teaches illiterate factory cafeteria worker Robert DeNiro how to read.

We're broadening our horizons.

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