Friday, February 29, 2008

It's the last day of February.

We were not very good about posting this month. Sorry Yoonjin, Aaron and Amanda! (I don't think anyone else really reads our blog...)

Today Jeff went to see "No Country for Old Men" with his friend from seminary and I stayed home and ate a Filet-O-Fish. Yum yum! Then, I decided that I should put my new Hello Kitty sewing machine to use (Thanks Yoonjin, Rosy and Janice!!!) and did some sewing.

Over the holidays, I wanted to be crafty (the good, glue and fabric kind, not the evil, manipulating and scheming kind) and made some tote bags and purses that I gave to my bestest friends. So, I thought that I could do a quick tote bag for my sister (her birthday's on March 7th.) But, like most other skill-based things, because it has been quite a while since I've sewn anything, it took me a lot longer than I thought. 1.526 hours longer to be exact. 

But here it is! It's actually black with these weird blue and green designs. And the lining is dark brown, which doesn't sound like it'd look good, but I like it.

My favorite part about it is the orange pocket on the inside. I love orange! (I hope Karen does too...)

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