Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're back!

It's a new year and time for (more) blog updates!

Jeff and I have been in Escondido for almost 6 months now and we're finally starting to feel more settled in.

Some things you might want to know about Escondido Jeff & Kathy:

1. Jeff's really REALLY enjoying seminary, all the reading and studying and Greek and Hebrew and classes and professors. Escondido Jeff is truly the Christ- and Bible-loving nerd we all expected him to be.
2. I'm growing in circumference! Baby Locke is almost 21 weeks old in my tummy now and growing! He/She is moving around and making his/her presence known more often than not. (Pictures to come soon... we're having our second trimester ultrasound this week!)
3. As of today, we're officially members at Grace Church in San Diego. We (actually, Jeff, with me standing next to him while he spoke) got to share our testimony with the church today during the induction service. We're really excited to go through this next phase of life of being new parents with our brothers and sisters at Grace Church.
4. Jeff has new Ira Glass-glasses ("Ira Glasses").
5. I'm attempting to be more crafty (the good, felt and needles kind-- not the cunning and tricky kind), especially now that I have a new Hello Kitty sewing machine!
6. We still have a 13-inch height difference, and I'm still Korean-American and Jeff's still white. (Some things never change...)

If neither of us updates in the next week, you have permission to leave us mean comments.

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