Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Recap!

Oh what fun it is when your husband turns 26!
On Friday morning, Jeff celebrated during his Greek class with chocolate cheesecake cupcakes that he got to share with his seminary friends. Then, we went out with our new bestest Escondido friends, Aaron and Amanda, for a night of Asian fun-- they got to have Korean BBQ (pretty good, better than NYC K-town, but definitely not as good as LA Korean food) and boba for the first time! They seemed to enjoy both, and we almost even took sticker pictures together at the boba place (but I couldn't figure out the machine-- boo to me and my lack of Asian-ness skills.) To make things even more Asian, they bought Jeff the CUTEST cell phone charm/toy at the boba place as a birthday present-- pictures of it soon!

Then on Saturday, we drove up to San Dimas for birthday with the family-- met Dave and Karen in West Covina and ate at Ikea, and then had a birthday party at Jeff's Grandpa's (aka G-Locke's) place with all of Jeff's family. It was fun to hang out and catch up, and Jeff's family was so generous!!!

Now we can get Leopard OS for our computers--yay!

Some randomness: I went to the Escondido Public Library's book sale last weekend and found this book...

I was SO excited because if we have an Oliver, it'll be his first Oliver book!
It's about a little boy who doesn't like the things other boys like-- he prefers tap dancing and singing. Jeff thinks it's not an appropriate book for our Oliver, but I think it's cute and funny and I like the colors. (We're also collecting Olivia books, in case we have an Olivia instead of an Oliver.)

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