Monday, January 21, 2008

Kathy needs a Komb...

There is a danger in posting this. My fear is that others may see this and think I am some miserly brute who won't even spare the $.79 it costs to buy a new one for my thick-haired wife.

Kathy needs a new comb. This is what she has been using recently to brush her hair.
Yes, that's the whole thing. Sad, isn't it.

I swear I didn't know until she told me just now. I thought it was funny, so here it is.

If you would like to contribute to the Kathy needs a Komb fund, you can contact us in the comments section. When we get commitments equaling or exceeding $.79, Kathy will get a new comb! And, if she's lucky, we can raise a whole $4.35 and get her her very own brush!

But I don't want to get her hopes up too much. She'll settle for a comb!


Amanda said...

I'll give her .78 but thats it!

Jane Stollenmeyer said...
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