Friday, January 06, 2006

The Shocking Truth

I get chills when I tell people.

Of course, part of it is because I'm in love and happy. But my insides squirm with pleasure when I tell others that I am getting married and watch their jaws drop to the floor.

Tonight was by far the best yet. It's me and 8 or 9 TFA (Teach for America) people at a friend's apartment for the evening. I arrive, say my hellos and announce I have news. Jokingly, someone says, "you're getting married," to which I reply, "yes." All laugh this off and suggest other possibile subjects my news could be about. "No, really, I'm getting married." One friend thinks everyone else is in on it, that it's all a big joke to make her feel stupid. I try to look serious, though this is hard, because I am smilingly giddily at the blank stares I've begun receiving.

"No joke," I say, "I am getting married."
"To Kathy with a 'K'?" another friend asks.
"Yes, to Kathy with a 'K'."

The silence lasts nearly a full minute.

No one knows what to do.

They attempt to shake off disbelief. Slowly, shock melts into toasts and congratulations. When all feel sufficient attention has been paid the life-altering story I've just told, the subject is changed to the evening's festivities.

I love telling people I'm marrying Kathy with a 'K'.

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Allen said...

Ha! Dunno why I didn't look through these older posts, but I love them! You guys were so cute even way back then!