Friday, January 13, 2006

Poodles are no fun.

I'm back in NY!!!

I got back yesterday afternoon and guess who was at the airport to surprise me?

Toby! (our small group leader from SGCC)

Oh, and Jeff too! :)

Jeff was there, waiting for me at the baggage claim, and I was SO surprised. I was actually busy with thoughts in my head about how I was going to try to be cool and not-so-awkward/shy when we would get to be together again-- I was replaying what I should/shouldn't say/do (like I was going to just nod my head and say 'wassup'...)

It's fun to be back in NY with my fiance (not Beyonce) and Jeff gave me my very first DVD yesterday too! (Lulu, do you want to watch "Mary Poppins" with me???-- yes, you are the ONLY non-Jeff, non-Kathy reading this...)

Jeff! I tagged you and you're it. Update our blog!

(Oh, and I barked at a poodle yesterday and it ignored me. Poodles are definitely no fun.)

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