Saturday, December 31, 2005

Adventura in Ventura

What a week!

On Sunday (Christmas day), I met Jeff's family. Not just his mom and dad and brother, but grandma, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins-- and they were all wonderful and kind and made me feel really welcome and comfortable.

On Monday, Jeff got to meet some of my peeps. We had lunch with my dad and sister and Dave, and they liked him! It was all a lot easier than expected, and we played Scrabble at Starbucks on Citrus Ave. in West Covina. Meeting my family was cake compared to meeting my best friends for the first time that night. We had the Meet my Man! dinner at Versailles with Rosy, Yoonjin and Janice, and Jeff was pummeled with questions about his spiritual gifts and our strengths and weaknesses and his favorite bands (Thanks Janice). It was INTENSE and I spent most of the meal being embarrassed and looking at anything but my friends or Jeff.

My friends love me!

And so does Jeff...

Tuesday I dropped Rosy off at the airport. She took off for Prague and I took off for my adventura in Ventura. I got there just in time for Magic Time on the beach. Dinner with family and meeting more cousins and Bo (the puppy)-- it was nice to be together with the Locke family.

Wednesday. WEDNESDAY! December 28, 2005. We went to have lunch with Jeff's dad in Santa Barbara, and then to downtown Ventura to go to thrift shops and the beach. It was fun to look for records and books and clothes, and we walked down to the beach just in time for Magic Time.

We walked forever and ever, and got to a big branch on the beach where we sat and looked at the sky as the sun was setting. It was pretty darn magical; Magic Time is magical. Jeff started saying lots of nice things to me, like he always does, and I responded with "Aw. That's nice."
But Jeff kept going! And the next thing I knew, Jeff was off of the branch and on his knee and digging in the small pocket of his jeans, saying "Kathy Cho, will you marry me?"
Of course I responded with "You're crazy! You're silly! ... You're crazy!" to which Jeff responded with "Well??? That's not an answer!"
So I said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes....

And the rest of the week is a blur. We've been fiance/fiancee for 4 days and I know that in that time we spent more time with his family, went to Disneyland with Toby and Rebekah, went back to Ventura, ate In-N-Out, realized that I suck at world domination, and now Jeff's gone back to NY.

Quite the adventura....

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